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Our history: between unique jewels and pure beauty...

From the meeting of precious, rich and sumptuous ingredients such as gold, precious stones, silver and platinum with natural raw materials, minerals and latest-generation cosmetic formulations, GIOIELLO LIQUIDO is born.

Concept and Phylosophy

With the combination "Cosmetics" and "Jewels", GIOIELLO LIQUIDO, interprets the desire of each individual to maximize their uniqueness, their charm and their personality, both through the care of the skin's health, preserving the genetic beauty of each person, both through beauty understood as decoration designed to bring out the utmost inequality of each individual. Not by chance, the origin of the cosmetic term "kósmesis" means precisely the art of ordering and adorning the body, in fact since ancient times, women and men have tried to adorn their bodies both for aesthetic reasons and for reasons linked also to well-being psychophysical.

From the union of something special, something unique is born ...

Gioiello Liquido combines the value of precious items with beauty by presenting a luxurious and elegant gift box with a refined rose gold color, customizable inside with one or more cosmetics chosen from the ORO PURO line and a natural gem sealed in a blister. A jewel of the soul, a natural, unique and special stone, as the person to whom your gift is dedicated is unique, in fact the choice of the stone can be customized according to the zodiac sign or to the preferrcolor of the recipient. A unique gift, to be created and invented, a gift that testifies to the care and attention of those who give. An important tribute and one of the most appreciated, given that the recipient, with the gem received as a gift, will be able to make a jewel based on his personal tastes.