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Short description

"Oro Puro" gift box for a complete and highly effective daily skincare.

The gift box consists of:

  • n. 1 face serum lifting, elasticizing, smoothing - 30 ml;
  • n. 2 gold leaf pack 23 Kt containing n.2 leaves 80x80 mm e 4 leaves 50x50 mm.

Ideal treatment for a complete and deep regeneration of the skin.


Short description

"Oro Puro" gift box for a complete and highly effective daily skincare.

The gift box consists of:

  • n. 1 face serum lifting, elasticizing, smoothing - 30 ml;
  • n. 2 gold leaf pack 23 Kt containing n.2 leaves 80x80 mm e 4 leaves 50x50 mm.

Ideal treatment for a complete and deep regeneration of the skin.


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The "PRINCESS" Gift Box Gioiello Liquido "ORO PURO" it is emotion, dream, fantasy. A moment of profound well-being, an infinite multisensory cuddle ... to give as gifts or to treat yourself.

The line ORO PURO

ORO PURO, A line of "spread jewelry", that is luxury cosmetics with opulent formulations, the result of the most advanced cosmetic research, for skin care where gold is the protagonist of the "ORO PURO" line: serum, cream and face mask.

Gioiello Liquido elects gold as the main ingredient of its “ORO PURO” line, a real cosmetic treatment based on gold for the face, intended for the most demanding skins, but also for young skins that want to keep freshness and tone. An excellent skincare, able to prevent and counteract the effects of tiredness and stress of the epidermis, treat and rejuvenate the skin by acting on the factors that cause aging; a regenerating and lifting line, able to give brightness and youth to tired skin.

A new generation formula, the result of the most recent scientific discoveries, associated with the power of gold: wrinkles are visibly attenuated, the skin is hydrated and regains firmness and brightness. Day after day, the products of the ORO PURO line, through the synergistic action of its active constituents, allow to achieve surprising results. The regenerated, plumped, energetic and radiant skin maintains its youth for a long time.

To optimize the benefits of this extraordinary gold treatment, we recommend using the three products of the ORO PURO line synergistically for your beauty ritual: FACE SERUM, FACE CREAM and FACE MASK.


A jewel serum, an ultra-powerful potion of youth with an intense texture that slips into the heart of epithelial cells for a unique anti-aging race, visible from the first experiences. A vital essence, whose formula, born from the balance of powerful active ingredients, latest generation peptides, colloidal gold, betaine, hyaluronic acid and beneficial natural oils, deeply reconstructs the skin architecture with an exceptional lifting, illuminating and toning effect . Day after day, the skin regains firmness, radiance, freshness and strength. The face appears visibly younger.

Application and use:

  • it is advisable to apply the serum on the face, morning and evening, after cleansing, insisting with circular massages on the areas particularly afflicted by blemishes, such as the eye and lip contour and on expression lines that will fade from the first minutes thanks to a active lifting.

Packaging: 30 ml bottle
Indications: for external use only


Extraordinary mask with powerful active ingredients for illuminating, regenerating, compacting and toning action. Liquid gold, Soy isoflavones, Eptapeptides and Crithum marittimum, a technological extract, constitute an innovative synergy capable of reconstructing intracellular bonds through the production of new collagen; stimulating cell renewal, counteracting stress and free radicals. Hyaluronic acid guarantees proper hydration.

Application and use: the two modes

  • apply the mask in a thin layer on clean and dry skin; leave for about 15 minutes. After the setting time, remove the excess by dabbing with the help of a sponge or a damp disk. Do not rinse with water. Apply three times a week;
  • If you want to get a skin illuminated by a luminescent effect, apply a thin layer of mask on face, neck and décolleté, massaging gently until completely absorbed. In this way, the mask will not be removed and, in carrying out its activity, will give the skin a "special" appearance, with golden reflections.

Packaging: 100 ml bottle
Indications: for external use only


Precious emulsion for the face, neck and décolleté, it adapts a mature skin, but it can also be used a preventive purpose from 25 years. Thanks to its gold content, with antioxidant and dynamizing properties, it helps the skin to combat the risks and effects of external aggressive agents, carrying out a formidable re-compacting, smoothing, re-epithelising and lightening action; moreover, guaranteeing an excellent lifting effect, immediately perceptible, which illuminates and relaxes the skin. Polypeptides promote the production of collagen and elastin. The face regains its tonic, full and elastic aspect, the wrinkles are smooth, the skin, deeply regenerated, shines with absolute youth. Its texture is nutritious but at the same time melting, making it perfect also as a base for make-up.

Application and use:

it is advisable to apply a thin layer of cream on face, neck and décolleté, morning and evening, after daily cleaning and to gently massage from the center of the face towards the outside, until it is completely absorbed.

Packaging: 50 ml bottle
Indications: for external use only


A unique beauty and wellness treatment ... like you


-promotes the process of cell regeneration with anti-aging effect;

-gold helps reduce melanin stains caused by the sun and age;

-stimulates the production of collagen favoring the elasticity of the skin.


The face is immediately smoother and wrinkles are already attenuated by the first application. The results are incredible even from the point of view of the complexion, which becomes immediately luminous. This is thanks to the gold that crosses the skin and stimulates the lymph nodes, removing toxins. Furthermore, this treatment also stimulates blood circulation, thus facilitating the process of cell rejuvenation. Suitable for all skin types, the 23 KT gold leaf can be used individually for an important evening, giving your face an effect of immediate brightness, or as a constant treatment to improve the quality of the skin.

Application and use:

Thoroughly clean the area to be treated, then massage using, as needed, one of the products of the ORO PURO range. Taking care to touch only the sheet of tissue paper, apply the gold leaf by gently pressing on the skin. Then remove the sheet of paper and repeat the action applying more gold leaves. Leave on for about 30 minutes and then massage the skin until the mask is completely removed. Depending on the subject's preferences, residues can be left applied to the skin or removed by rinsing. After a few minutes you will notice an acquired brightness.


Data sheet

contenuto siero
contenuto box
face serum 30 ml, gold leaf 23 kt, gold leaf 23 kt
foglia oro
23 kt

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